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Sep 30, 2018
Release v0.14
* Use cmark by default as markdown processor.

* Respect $NOTMUCH_CONFIG and ignore configuration option if set. Otherwise fall back to option from configuration file.

* We now have a man page! Generated either by scdoc or ronn.

* Number of bugfixes.
Jul 20, 2018
Release v0.13
Jun 18, 2018
Release v0.12
* `mail.close_on_success` configures if page closes on successful send.
* `terminal.font_description` configures font of embedded terminal.
* `terminal.height` configures height of embedded terminal.
* `mail.format_flowed` is off by default.
* Make hooks undoable by providing a field for the inverse command.
* Do not force throw-keyid (follow gpg config).
* Allow GPG to be disabled with configuration option.
Feb 20, 2018
Release v0.11.1
Feb 4, 2018
Release v0.11.0
Oct 11, 2017
== v0.10.2 / 2017-10-11
* Fix build issues on Mac OS.
* Gmime 2 used weird timezone for sent email.
* Add Meson build system as alternative.
Sep 24, 2017
== v0.10.1 / 2017-09-24
* Fix compilation errors against older versions of notmuch and gmime.
Sep 22, 2017
Release v0.10
* Support GMime 3 with backwards compatability with GMime 2. This orients us
  towards GMime 3, and support for GMime 2 will be dropped in the future.

* Attach messages by mids with 'A' in new emails.

* Colorful tags in tag editor and in searching

* Tags in the tag editor is now separated by spaces (comma still works)

* New configuration option 'signature_separate' determines if inline
  signatures will be separated from the message by a line containing '-- '.

* Configurable query associated with account can be used to select account as
  From: when replying or forwarding e-mail.

* Default clipboard target: CLIPBOARD since this is the only one accessible by keyboard
  in GTK.

* Select target for yank operations with '"'

* Track focus changes manually
Apr 30, 2017
== v0.9.1 / 2017-04-30
* Support old vte3.
* Support old _st versions on Arch.
Apr 28, 2017


== v0.9 / 2017-04-28
* Drop use of old deprecated non _st functions, use their new names. Will
  require 0.24 or newer.

* No longer support pre-lastmod notmuches.

* Catch missing content errors for messages, not fail.

* Wait and block R/O database opening, not fail.

* Defer changed_thread events on thread-index while still loading.

* Do not update tags in thread-view when not ready.

* configuration option thread_view.expand_flagged determines whether flagged
  messages are expanded by default.

* Better handle poll thread. Make sure to clean up connections here and in send_message.

* Polling can be cancelled with C-c in main window.

* Archive or close thread and then directly open next or next unread thread
  in originating thread-index.
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