A java-based Synology DSM Webapi client
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A java based Synology DSM Webapi client.

Latest stable release is 1.0.0-M1. It allows all basic files operation.

Roadmap :

  • 1.0.0-M2: extract Spring configuration in a separate project and allow to use the framework without Spring at all.
  • 1.0.0-FINAL: missing FileStation APIs (Favorites, thumbnail, MD5, compress / uncompress).
  • 2.0.0-FINAL: DownloadStation APIs.


Simply run: mvn clean install

Integration Tests

Tests requires an actual Synology DSM server running with some existing account, share and folder structure. Note that integration tests are not run by default. Running the tests requires it profile to be activated: mvn clean install -Pit

The following Maven properties are used by the integration tests, and can be overriden in Maven settings.xml :

Property Default value
test.dsm.webapi.scheme http
test.dsm.webapi.host diskstation.local
test.dsm.webapi.port 5000
test.dsm.webapi.username dsm-webapi-it
test.dsm.webapi.password dsm-webapi-it
test.dsm.webapi.session filestation
test.dsm.webapi.timeZone Europe/Brussels


Maven dependency

Add the dsm-webapi-client-filestation as a Maven dependency :


The project is available in the following public repository:



This is a Spring based library. It is supposed to be used within Spring based applications.

  1. Import class DsmWebapiClientConfig in the application configuration
  2. Provide implementations of follwing interfaces in the application context

DsmUrlProvider: provides the URL of Synology DSM server.

Existing implementation: PropertiesDsmUrlProvider

This implementation retrieves the URL based on the following properties:

  • dsm.webapi.scheme
  • dsm.webapi.host
  • dsm.webapi.port

AuthenticationProvider: provides login and password

Existing implementation: PropertiesAuthenticationProvider

This implementation retrieves connection information based on the following properties:

  • dsm.webapi.username
  • dsm.webapi.password
  • dsm.webapi.session

Existing implementation: ConsoleAuthenticationProvider

This implentation asks credentials in the console.

TimeZoneProvider: provides time zone

Existing implementation: PropertiesTimeZoneProvider

Retrieves time zone form the following property:

  • dsm.webapi.timeZone

Existing implementation: DefaultTimeZoneProvider

Retrieves system default time zone.

PropertySourcesPlaceholderConfigurer if any PropertiesXXXProvider is used.

Example configuration

public class MyAppConfig {

    public AuthenticationProvider authenticationProvider() {
        return new PropertiesAuthenticationProvider();

    public DsmUrlProvider urlProvider() {
        return new PropertiesDsmUrlProvider();

    public TimeZoneProvider timeZoneProvider() {
        return new PropertiesTimeZoneProvider();

    public static PropertySourcesPlaceholderConfigurer propertySourcesPlaceholderConfigurer() {
        return new PropertySourcesPlaceholderConfigurer();
    // ...
    // My app's own beans
    // ...

Finally, inject services needed in application classes: search for interfaces XXXService corresponding to implemented APIs.

public class MyApplicationSerivce {

    FileListService fileListService;

    // ...
    public void doStuff() throws Exception {
        // ...
        List<File> list = fileListService.list("/my-share");
        // ...

    // ...

Integration tests are a good place to look for samples.

Project structure and currently implemented APIs:

Core module (dsm-webapi-client-core)

Contains all base code required to easily call DSM webapi.

It also implements the following APIs:

  • SYNO.API.Info: ApiInfoService
  • SYNO.API.Auth: AuthenticationService

File station module (dsm-webapi-client-filestation)

Implements FileStation APIs:

  • SYNO.FileStation.List: FileListService and ShareListService
  • SYNO.FileStation.Info: FileStationInformationService
  • SYNO.FileStation.Search: SearchService
  • SYNO.FileStation.Download: DownloadService
  • SYNO.FileStation.Upload: UploadService
  • SYNO.FileStation.CreateFolder: CreateFolderService
  • SYNO.FileStation.CopyMove: CopyMoveService
  • SYNO.FileStation.Delete: DeleteService
  • SYNO.FileStation.DirSize: DirSizeService
  • SYNO.FileStation.Rename: RenameService

Future development :

  • Missing FileStation APIs
  • DownloadStation APIs