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My vim configuration

The name pretty much says it all.


  • The TeX-9 plugin requires that vim be compiled with python support.
  • My overall settings I use assume a slew of external programs: aspell, luatex (lualatex), bibtex, sudo, etc. These are not strictly necessary to use my vim settings; they are just programs that I use a lot, so they've ended up in my settings.


$ wget
$ sh
$ rm

NOTE: this will DELETE any existing ~/.vim and ~/.vimrc, so due care must be taken to back up any previous settings.

This installs (most; TODO fix this) the plugins. Here's the list I use (adapt as needed). It also run pathogen's :Helptags. Which in turn runs :helptags <plugin/doc> for each directory in your runtime path.

  • ctrlp
  • DoxygenToolkit
  • gundo
  • NrrwRgn
  • scss-syntax.vim ->
  • slimv
  • snipMate
  • surround
  • tabular
  • tagbar
  • tex_nine
  • The-NERD-tree
  • vim-airline
  • vim-colors-solarized
  • vim-commentary
  • vim-eunuch
  • vim-pandoc-syntax
  • vim-repeat

And presto, it's ready to use. Feedback on improvements is always welcome. Enjoy!

Information on the patches in the customizations folder can be found on my Vim Hacks page, here.


  • The config I use can be found here:
  • IMPORTANT: vim-pandoc requires that vim be compiled with python support. Otherwise, comment it out in vimrc!
  • when using LaTeX, pressing Esc once will keep the insert mode indication, but it will allow you to execute some normal mode commands, in particular saving the file (:w). I'm still working through the details