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Browser extension to nag users
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Nag Me

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Browser extension to nag users

Nag me notifies users of routine tasks. Nag me notifications are soft (doesn't ring and auto closes) so use it for low priority tasks only. Some use cases of Nag Me are to notify to drink water, to take a walk, to relax your eyes and so on while you are on your computer. Nag Me works in Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Built With

  • React (Create React App) but made some changes to CRA scripts because
    1. During development, browsers watches a folder and reload the extension when a file is changed in that folder. CRA in development doesn't actually create files in build folder so I needed to do modifications to CRA script to create actual files in build folder so Google Chrome can reload the extension every time we make changes.
    2. Also Nag me needed 2 files background.js and index.js. background.js will run all the time while index.js will run only when extension is opened. So I have to run both CRA script (to create index.js) and also a custom script (to create background.js) in parallel.
  • Jest
  • Redux
  • Immutable.js
  • React-Motion
  • styled-components

Getting Started

Clone this repo

git clone
cd nag-me

Install Dependencies yarn

Start the server yarn start

Let browsers know where your extension is

  • Chrome
    1. Visit chrome://extensions/ in your Google Chrome browser
    2. Enable Developer mode by ticking the checkbox in the upper-right corner
    3. Click on the Load unpacked extension... button and select the build folder
  • Firefox
    1. Visit about:debugging in your Firefox browser
    2. Click on the Load Temporary Add-on button and choose the manifest.json file from build folder
  • Opera
    1. Visit opera:extensions in your Opera browser
    2. Click on the Developer Mode button
    3. Click on the Load unpacked extension... button and select the build folder


Run yarn build to build the extension.


Run yarn test to run tests.


Gauti Selvaraj


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details

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