Fixes for - I am not the plugin author but have made some fixes and am sharing them here, assuming it's licensed under jQuery (MIT) license
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I did not write this plugin, but I have made some enhancements to it and am hosting it here. I have submitted patches back to the original plugin author.

I'm working on the assumption that iPage is under the jQuery (MIT) license. If there's any problem at all with me hosting this, let me know and I'll pull it down.

Note that I've only modified the jQuery version


I've added a few options. All are optional:

  • nextButtonText : string. the text on the "next" button. Defaults to ">"
  • prevButtonText : string. the text on the "prev" button. Defaults to "<"
  • lastButtonText : string. the text on the "last" button. Defaults to ">>"
  • firstButtonText : string. the text on the "first" button. Defaults to "<<"
  • insertPage : function. Provided to allow you to insert the pager in places other than the default.
  • toolbarPosition: string. top, bottom or both. Defaults to "bottom". Mutually exclusive with "insertPage" - if you provide an insertPage function in your configuration object, this will have no effect

Example usage:

           $(document).ready(function() {
                    pagenumber: 1,
                    root : 'form.conForm',
                    numPerPage : 1 ,
                    children: 'fieldset.fieldGroup',
                    numButton: 1,
                    nextButtonText: "Next page",
                    prevButtonText: "Previous page",
                    insertPager: function(ipage) {
                        $(ipage).find('div.submitRow').before('<div id="iPage-navigation-bottom" class="pager"></div>');
                    toolbarPosition: 'top'

Other changes

  • Various code tidying and implementing some of the less strict JSLint recommendations so it minifies more cleanly.
  • Rely less on button label text and more on classes, which are more predictable