Bringing JInput to Overtone, the Clojure music project.
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Bringing JInput devices to Overtone, the Clojure music project

JInput is a Java library for working with devices such as gamepads and joysticks.

N.B. This code is currently in transition to use overtone.libs.event.

Identifying Your Controllers

You can work with controllers using name strings. To discover these name strings from attached devices:

(map find-name (find-controllers))

Sometimes the names returned by the devices are vague, for example "USB Game Controllers" is the name of one joystick I have tested. They may be more useful, such as "Controller (XBOX 360 For Windows)".

The utility function (find-controller x) does a regular expression match using its string parameter, so you can specify just enough to uniquely identify the specific controller you want to work with e.g.

(find-controller "XBOX")

Tip: Plug in the controllers you want to work with before starting a REPL.


Start the event loop with

(def t (start-input))

t is the Thread, you can stop it with

(stop-input t)

Attaching functions to events

(defonce xbox (find-controller "XBOX"))

  {BUTTON0 #(when (button-pressed? (:val %)) (tune-frere mout 0 :acoustic-grand-piano ))
   BUTTON1 #(when (button-pressed? (:val %)) (tune-frere mout 1 :tubular-bells ))
   BUTTON2 #(when (button-pressed? (:val %)) (tune-frere mout 2 :trumpet ))
   BUTTON3 #(when (button-pressed? (:val %)) (tune-frere mout 3 :electric-guitar-clean ))
   BUTTON4 #(when (button-pressed? (:val %)) (percuss mout :cowbell ))
   BUTTON5 #(when (button-pressed? (:val %)) (percuss mout :open-triangle ))
   BUTTON6 #(when (button-pressed? (:val %)) (percuss mout :maracas ))
   BUTTON7 #(when (button-pressed? (:val %)) (percuss mout :tambourine ))
   X-AXIS #(println "X = "(:val %))
   HAT #(condp hat-direction? (:val %)
          HAT_N (percuss mout :open-hi-hat )
          HAT_W (percuss mout :crash-cymbal-1 )
          HAT_E (percuss mout :crash-cymbal-2 )
          HAT_S (percuss mout :pedal-hi-hat )


This project is being developed and tested with lein 2 and Overtone on Windows.


Copyright (C) 2012-2013 James Petry.

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.