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0.8 blockchain data upgrade

Submit completed tests and debug.log files to: Gavin Andresen

Test environment:

(TEST RUNNING PERSON: edit this to describe the machine you're testing on; e.g. Windows 7, running Bitcoin-Qt version 0.7.2)


  • CLAIMED 0.5 BTC : Test starting from version 0.7.2
  • CLAIMED 0.5 BTC : Test starting from version 0.3.24
  • CLAIMED 0.5 BTC : Test on Windows (any version), FAT32 filesystem
  • CLAIMED 0.5 BTC : Test on Windows XP, NTFS filesystem (subStrata)

Bounties will go to the first people who follow the instructions in and this test plan and submit test results and timestamped debug.log files. These bounties are being paid from the 72 BTC donated to the Bitcoin Testing Project.

Test Setup

  1. Begin by running an old version, fully-synced on the main network.
  2. Shut down bitcoind/Bitcoin-Qt, wait for it to exit completely.
  3. Backup your wallet.dat (if it contains any bitcoins; better safe than sorry!)
  4. Remove data directory debug.log



Download and install test binaries from the latest successful pull-tester build (link here) Use bitcoin-qt.exe if you are on Windows, bitcoin-qt if Linux (sorry, Mac builds not available). (or, if you are able, build binaries yourself )

  1. Note how much disk space is being used by the bitcoin data directory.
  2. Run the new bitcoind/Bitcoin-Qt binary.

EXPECT (all tests except for FAT32 filesystem):

  1. blktree/ subdirectory created in bitcoin data directory
  2. small (less than 1GB) increase in disk space usage
  3. startup takes longer than ususual (blocks are re-indexed)
  4. but startup does not take hours (blocks are not re-downloaded)


EXPECT (FAT32 or other filesystem that does not support hardlinks):

  1. blktree/ subdirectory created in bitcoin data directory
  2. same experience as a brand-new user: entire blockchain is re-downloaded



  1. Shut down the new bitcoind/Bitcoin-Qt, wait for it to completely exit
  2. Run the old version of bitcoind/Bitcoin-Qt


  1. Quick startup
  2. Old version is synchronized to blockchain from where it last exited


Final steps

Email your debug.log file(s) and a link to your forked github repository with test results to Gavin. (if the debug.log files are too large to attach to an email, upload them somewhere Gavin can see them--, dropbox, shared google doc, etc)

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