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Setting up YCM in Vim


Meta build system. Needed to use YCM. It's very easy to compile from source, so do that.


Essentially just Vim integration of libclang functionality.


Vim plugin manager that makes life with plugins a little easier. We'll install and configure it alongside YCM.

To set up YCM and NeoBundle, do:

mkdir -p ~/.vim/bundle
git clone ~/.vim/bundle/neobundle.vim

And add the following to the top of your vimrc:

if has('vim_starting')
  set nocompatible               " Be iMproved
  set runtimepath+=~/.vim/bundle/neobundle.vim/
call neobundle#rc(expand('~/.vim/bundle/'))
NeoBundleFetch 'Shougo/neobundle.vim'
NeoBundle 'Shougo/vimproc', {
  \ 'build' : {
  \     'windows' : 'make -f make_mingw32.mak',
  \     'cygwin' : 'make -f make_cygwin.mak',
  \     'mac' : 'make -f make_mac.mak',
  \     'unix' : 'make -f make_unix.mak',
  \ },
\ }
NeoBundle 'Valloric/YouCompleteMe', {
  \ 'vim_version':'7.3.584' 
  \ 'build' : { 'unix' : './ --clang-completer' },
\ }
filetype plugin indent on

On non-Linux-x86_64 platforms, you may have to install your own Clang, and point YCM at it.

Now launch vim. It should ask you if it's allowed download new plugins: choose y.

YCM config file

Put this in the checkout directory alongside project-root.jam. It tells YCM how to find include paths (with and without compile_commands.json), and how to parse header files (as if they were source files).

Build Ear, aka bear

Generates compile_commands.json, which is used by libclang and YCM to get the compiler options necessary to do compile error underscores, and include file and code completion. Also easy to install from source, so do that.

Technically this is optional, but it gives better results, as libclang will know all command line options (such as -D).

bear bjam -aqj1

Now launch vim and be happy.