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Conflict-based search for multi-agent path finding
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ECE6504 Autonomous Coordination - Presentation One

Centralized methods for Multi-Agent Path Finding

Implementation of Multi-Agent Path Finding in a gridworld simulation.

  • Find independent paths for each agent without considering other agents

    • Uses space-time A* for low-level search.
  • Make reservations in a space-time reservation table

  • Check all paths against the table for conflicts with other agents.

  • When a conflict is found, add a constraint to the agent's low-level path planning and re-plan.

  • To avoid agents passing right through each other, currently each agent makes multiple reservations in the reservation table.

  • This sometimes causes a noticeable delay, where one or more agents may end up waiting in their location although a path is clearly available.

  • To fix this, I need to be able to add two different sorts of constraints as in the original Conflict Based Search paper - for vertext collisions and edge collisions.

  • Link to YouTube video:

-- The A* priority queue is from this gridworld simluator on GitHub:

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