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Multi-agent shape formation using policy search
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ECE6504 Autonomous Coordination - Presentation Two

Multi-Agent Shape Formation in a Gridworld

  • Agents are initialized at random positions in the gridworld.

  • Run a reverse search to get the cost from any cell to the nearest goal cell

  • Uses a modified version of A* search in reverse from all goal positions until all start positions are covered.

  • Each agent greedily moves towards its nearest goal position

  • When an agent reaches a goal position, the any other agent that was trying to reach this point has to find another goal position now.

  • So the search process is repeated, and the cost table is updated

  • Because the order of planning can have an impact on the time taken by the solution, the planning sequence is randomized at each step.

  • The reverse search can be thought of as a virtual exploration, with the added benefit of being guided by a heuristic, that is the manhattan distance heuristic that A* uses.

  • However, because there is no actual motion during this search process, it is not equivalent to learning to cooperate in a task.

  • To execute: run

  • Link to YouTube video:

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