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@@ -18,16 +18,17 @@ The following items are captured:
- stdout stream (if any)
- stderr stream (if any)
-Cronologue is written in perl, and requires the following perl modules:
+The cronologue client is written in perl, and requires the following
+perl modules:
- Config::Tiny
- Digest::MD5
- Time::Piece
- IPC::Run3
- LWP::UserAgent
-Cronologue includes an apache config for configuring apache to accept
-the job record and stream files, which requires apache mod_dav.
+The cronologue server uses apache with mod_dav for recording job
+records and output streams as text files.
Cronologue also includes a web gui built using blosxom (included),
which requires apache mod_cgi.
@@ -36,9 +37,32 @@ which requires apache mod_cgi.
+RPM packages for CentOS/RHEL5 are available from my yum repository.
+See for
+Otherwise ...
+- run 'perl -c cronologue' to check you have all the required perl modules
+- copy 'cronologue' to somewhere in your path
+- if you want to use the 'cronologue.conf' file (which currently only sets
+ 'cronologue_server' to something other than 'localhost'), copy it to
+ /etc/cronologue.conf
+- edit server/config/apache.conf and adjust Allow directives
+- copy server/config/apache.conf to your apache conf.d directory
+- create a /var/www/cronologue directory
+- copy the contents of the server directory to /var/www/cronologue
+ e.g. sudo cp -r server/* /var/www/cronologue
+- check that mod_cgi and mod_dav are enabled in your apache config
+- restart apache
+- go to
+Test using: 'cronologue echo "Hello World"'. This should succeed, and you
+should get a job record showing up on the web interface (and a file in

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