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ctap is a lightweight, portable TAP-output colouriser, written in Go.

It turns boring old TAP output:

Boring TAP output

into snazzy, easily-scannable output:

Snazzy, scannable TAP output

and returns non-zero exit codes on failures.


Binary packages are available from the Releases page.

Or if you have go installed, you can do:

go install

which installs the latest version of ctap in your $GOPATH/bin or $HOME/go/bin directory (which you might need to add to your $PATH).


  ctap [OPTIONS] [TapFile]

Application Options:
  -f, --failures  show test failures (suppress TAP successes)
  -g, --glyphs    show ✓✗ glyphs instead of 'ok/not ok' in TAP output
  -s, --summary   append a Test::Harness-like summary of the test results
  -V, --cversion= colour to use for version lines
  -P, --cplan=    colour to use for plan lines
  -O, --cok=      colour to use for test ok lines
  -F, --cfail=    colour to use for test fail/not ok lines
  -D, --cdiag=    colour to use for diagnostic lines
  -B, --cbail=    colour to use for bail out lines

Help Options:
  -h, --help      Show this help message

Colour strings may be any of the following colour names:

  red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, magenta, white, black, gray, default

They may also be hex colour strings like "#cc9900" or "#c90" (with the
leading "#" optional).

Colour names or hex strings can also have any of the following modifiers
appended to them (space-separated):

  bold, italic, underscore, reverse, blink, concealed, fuzzy

(though how they work will depend on your terminal support)


  • add -f option to show failures (suppress successes from TAP output)
  • add -g option to use glyphs instead of 'ok/not ok' in TAP output
  • add options to specify custom colours (-VPOFDB?)
  • add config file support for standard options/colours
  • add a --save option for setting config file standard options/colours
  • add other renderers to transmute TAP output (e.g. 'dots') (?)

See Also

  • Tap Colorize - nice javascript library and cli utility

  • Tap Prettify - javascript formatter with a focus on making TAP output useful (rather than colourful)

  • Tap::Formatter::Color - the original perl TAP color formatter library

  • Awesome TAP - great general list of TAP-related resources (esp. javascript-related)


Copyright 2021 Gavin Carr


ctap is available under the terms of the MIT Licence.


A lightweight, portable TAP-output colouriser







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