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Utility for periodically copying selected data from a remote machine.

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extract is a utility for copying a set of files off one or more remote hosts into a set of local host trees. It's implemented using rsync.

extract requires the list of files to extract to be available either locally or on the remote machine. I typically use rpm-find-changes to generate a list of files to extract on remote RedHat/CentOS machines.


RPMs for RedHat/CentOS 5/6 are available from

Or you can run from a git checkout, as follows:

git clone
cd extract
cp conf/extract.conf.dist conf/extract.conf
$EDITOR conf/extract.conf
extract -c conf/extract.conf -v

See the config file (and perldoc bin/extract) for documentation.

Author and Licence

Copyright 2007-2012 Gavin Carr

extract is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence Version 3. See the COPYING file for details.

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