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1 parent 88e62cb commit 7e1fa11aee9c6ec5fcf23bb113196a7d107f8a1d @gavincarr committed Oct 12, 2014
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@@ -79,8 +79,8 @@ sudo ln -s /etc/nginx/conf.d/shrtn.conf $PWD/data/nginx.conf
# If you're going to push your redirect files to a remote webserver, copy
# your shrtn webserver configs remotely, and make sure you set 'rsync_path'
# in your data/config.yml. e.g.
-scp data/apache.conf WEBSERVER:/etc/httpd/conf.d
-scp data/nginx.conf WEBSERVER:/etc/nginx/conf.d
+scp data/apache.conf WEBSERVER:/etc/httpd/conf.d/shrtn.conf
+scp data/nginx.conf WEBSERVER:/etc/nginx/conf.d/shrtn.conf
In addition, if you want to auto-commit your shortenings to github, you

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