Ceylon LWJGL samples
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Ceylon LWJGL samples

This sample project demonstrates the use of LWJGL in the Ceylon programming language. It also shows the use of JFXGL which allows you to use JavaFX from within LWJGL.


The following software must be installed:

  • To compile and run the samples: Java 8 or above
  • To play with the samples from within IntelliJ: Ceylon IDE for IntelliJ 1.3.3.

The Ceylon 1.3.3 command line tools are not required, since the ceylonb command is self-installing. However, if you do already have them installed, you can type ceylon instead of ./ceylonb at the command line.

Compiling and running

To compile the examples, type:

./ceylonb compile

To run the examples, type:

export JAVA_OPTS=-XstartOnFirstThread
./ceylonb run eg.lwjgl
./ceylonb run eg.jfxgl

Assembling a fat jar

To assemble a "fat" jar containing the sample and all its dependencies, type:

./ceylonb fat-jar eg.lwjgl

To run the resulting jar, type:

java -XstartOnFirstThread -jar eg.lwjgl-1.0.0.jar

Packaging a Ceylon assembly archive

To package the example module as a .cas assembly archive, type:

./ceylonb assemble eg.lwjgl

To run the resulting archive, type:

./ceylonb run -a eg.lwjgl-1.0.0.cas