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Vaadin JAAS example in Ceylon

This simple example demonstrates how to write a Java EE web application using Vaadin and JAAS in the Ceylon programming language.

It is a port of this example app.


You'll need the following software to run the example:

  • Ceylon 1.3.3 command line tools, and
  • WildFly application server.

Note: Ceylon 1.3.3 is not yet released!

Compiling and assembling

To compile the example, type

ceylon compile

To assemble the example as a .war archive, type

ceylon war -Rresource eg.vaadin.jaas

This will create the file eg.vaadin.jaas-1.0.0.war.

Deploying and running

Create an 'Application User' belonging to the group users by running


Now, copy the .war archive to your deployments directory

cp eg.vaadin.jaas-1.0.0.war $JBOSS_HOME/standalone/deployments/

Start WildFly


Now go to http://localhost:8080/eg.vaadin.jaas-1.0.0/ and log in using the username and password you created.