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Cosmos Governance Working Group

Month #2 Community Call

discuss here

Date: Thursday, February 27

Time: 14:00 UTC

Duration: 60 minutes

Host: Gavin Birch (Figment Networks)

Video conference URL:

Prior to the meeting

  1. Join us! Please share any contact information that you feel comfortable sharing.
  2. Please indicate your primary governance interests here.


1. Newcomer introductions

Please keep intros brief! Ideally your name, organization, primary governance interest in a single sentence :)

2. GWG updates

  • mid-month topic call review (initial proposal intake process)
  • update from Gavin (Figment Networks) re: documentation & best practices for community-spend & parameter-change proposals

3. Proposed Topic: How can governance work be made sustainable?

There may be big players that can subsidize governance work:

  • exchanges and uninvolved validators need to be alerted to breaking changes
  • exchanges may need support to understand the implications of a proposal
  • multi-asset wallets may need to be alerted to breaking changes

What is the low-hanging fruit for supporting governance work?

4. Future planning

  • What single topic is a current priority for the next mid-month call?
  • Consider recommendations for GWG Q2 initiatives ie. what could a Q2 GWG community-spend proposal look like?



x attendees in total, with introductions from new attendees:

Attendees that joined after introductions (feel free to message Gavin to be added):

GWG updates

Documentation assets
Intake process
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