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a sample react+redux login flow
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React Login Flow

A React/Redux ES6 login example, by

Bucket o' tech used:

  • Node.js with Grunt tooling and Webpack + Babel
  • Bower with an example of integrating legacy UI plugins like jQuery
  • React + Redux + React-Router, with an example of composition with React components
  • SASS + PostCSS, with SVG sprites for scalable and CSS-styled assets and a typography-based responsive scheme (REM in conjunction with ViewportWidth + @media queries)
  • ESLint with some generic settings for ES6 + React


Clone the repository or unzip the project. Navigate to the root of the project and run:

$ npm install
$ npm start

Navigate to localhost:8080 to open the app.


To log in, use one of the user/pass combinations from the credentials.json file served by the app. For example:

Username Password
ada.lovelace algorithm

The app consistent of three main views:

  • Login/Index view: The app index, presents the user with a typical login form.
  • Not Authorized view: A splash page warning the user they are not authorized to view the content they were seeking.
  • Greetings view: An authorization-protected URL, which shows some dummy info to the user. This is only reachable if the activeUser.loggedIn property is set to True.


Login: Login Page

Not Authorized: Not Authorized Page

Greetings: Greetings Page


Everything? A few things left to do...

  • Persist state to storage
  • Real authentication
  • Authentication logging via middleware
  • Move route/browser history to state maybe?
  • Speaking of the routing, is react-route really the best option these days?
  • Is there a better way to intecept for authorization using Middleware?
  • If this was a proper app, we would want to add deployment packaging and make sure the resources are all concat'd and uglify'd up properly
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