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Making awesome, one pebble at a time
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Latest commit 524d8da @jlongster jlongster Revert "change CTA on apps page"
This reverts commit 2deab60.
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apps Revert "change CTA on apps page"
docs Fix links in README and add a step for installing
lib check for DEBUG instead of DEV when forcing SSL
locale write dotlang library to parse .lang files and start porting from old…
media Bug 730121 - Add a video to the page
migrations removed django-jobvite and careers
requirements Merge remote branch 'edna/master'
settings write url/media helpers and don't hardcode urls
templates write url/media helpers and don't hardcode urls
vendor @ 6dac0d9 upgrade vendor
vendor-local update basket-client
wsgi set DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE in wsgi file because of recent settings ch…
.gitignore ignore .less.css files, fix persona urls to force trailing slash
.gitmodules add basket-client library, hook up newsletter form on marketplace
LICENSE Licensing foo. meaningless whitespace change to test commit access upgrade vendor and funfactorize bedrock Initial setup of Collusion page


bedrock is the code name of the new It is bound to be as shiny, awesome, and open sourcy as always. Perhaps even a little more.

Stay tuned.


bedrock is a playdoh project. Check out the playdoh docs for general technical documentation. In addition, there are project-specific bedrock docs.


Patches are welcome! Feel free to fork and contribute to this project on github.


This software is licensed under the MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-license. For more information, read the file LICENSE.

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