Analogue and weighted averaging methods for palaeoecology
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What is analogue?

analogue is an R package for use with palaeoecological data. Originally, analogue was intended as an R implementation of analogue methods such as analogue matching, ROC curves, and MAT transfer function models, and the computation of dissimilarity coefficients. Since then the scope of the package has grown to include a number of other methods applicable to data routinely encountered in palaeoecology and palaeolimnology.


  • Transfer functions
    • MAT
    • Weighted Averaging with monotonic, inverse, and classical deshrinking, with and without tolerance down-weighting
    • Principal Component Regression (using ecologically-relevant transformations)
    • Cross-validation (Bootstrapping, leave-one-out, k-fold)
    • Analogue statistics
  • Analogue matching
  • Dissimilarity coefficients
    • Chord, Bray-Curtis, Gower's Generalised coefficient, Manhattan, ...
  • Dissimilarity decisions thresholds
    • ROC curves
    • Monte Carlo resampling
    • Logistic regression
  • Stratigraphic diagrams
  • Principal curves

Bugs, feature requests

Bug reports and feature requests should be filed as issues.


analogue is released under the GNU General Public Licence Version 2.