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File Transfer App for iOS
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File Transfer App for iOS

by Gavy Aggarwal (@itsgavy)

I created the iTransfer application in 2011 to send files between iOS devices via bluetooth. This was when applications didn't have access to the bluetooth API, so I sent files through the GameKit framework.

Features include:

  • Send from Camera Roll, Music Library, or files imported from other apps
  • Bluetooth Transfer: Transfer files between friends and family without an internet connection.
  • File Manager: Manage the files you received, send those files to others, or even import files from other apps.
  • Built in Viewer: Quickly view the files received without closing iTransfer.
  • Send to Computer: Access the files you've received on a computer through iTunes File Sharing or by email.
  • Background Transfer: Seamlessly send and receive files even when iTransfer is not open.
  • Clean Look: iTransfer's new interface makes it easier to use and is easy on the eyes.
  • Universal App: This one app works on iOS 5 and iOS 6 on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod whether it is retina or non-retina.

The application was updated to support the release of the new operating systems (up to iOS 7) and new devices (4-in iPhone, iPad, retina iPad). Due to changes in the App Store policies, this app was removed from sale in 2014.

The website is currently still available.

I'm providing the source code as is for reference to anybody interested.

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