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A plugin for Marta which allows for more configurable dispatching based upon the selected or current items.

This plugin was primarily motivated by the fact that generally the default applications macOS chooses for opening files generally isn't to my liking. So using the "" action doesn't offer the behavior I would like. However, just using "" as my default isn't ideal either, because I really don't want to bring up a menu just to traverse directories.

So this plugin lets you select a choice of action for directories, applications, packages, and files based upon their extensions. Finally a default action can be chosen to fallback upon.

A simple configuration for opener looks like

    "behavior": {
        "actions": {
            "net.existentialtype.opener": {
                "errorAlerts": true,
                "directoryAction": "",
                "applicationAction": "",
                "packageAction": "",
                "extensionActions": {
                    "txt": "core.edit",
                    "sh": ""
                "defaultAction": ""

In the event that you do not supply a configuration, it defaults to using for directories and applications and for everything else.

If you wish to specify an action for a file with no extension, you can use the empty string "".

It is not possible to recursively proxy through the Opener plugin action, net.existentialtype.opener".

Currently, the semantics of Opener is the that given a some set of selected files and a current file (the one currently under the cursor), if

  • the current file is an application, the applicationAction is used.
  • the current file is a package, the packageAction is used.
  • the current file is a directory, the directoryAction is used.
  • there are selected files, they will be divvied up into buckets by their file extension if they are found in extensionActions. Otherwise, they are placed into a catchall bucket. Then all the buckets with a corresponding extensionAction definition will be applied to their respective action. Finally, the catchall bucket will be applied to the defaultAction. Note, that when passing the files to an action they will be treated as selected files, with there being no current file.
  • there are no selected files, the current file will be applied using an action in extensionActions or the defaultAction otherwise.

The semantics of selected files is currently less than ideal. It attempts to roughly match the behavior of However, it seems that many actions ignore the selected files and act only on the current file. One option would be to instead apply each selected file individually. That is less than ideal in some cases, as for some actions it might make sense to operate on multiple files simultaneously.

It may also make more sense to consolidate selected files and apply them by action, rather than by extension. For example if more than one extension is assigned to core.edit, we should probably apply all of them together rather than separately.

Finally, one problem I am not sure how to resolve is that trying to apply multiple actions that rely on user feedback (such as in sequence will probably work, but yield a less than pleasant user experience.

This is my first non-trivial Swift program, so it is probably suboptimal in numerous ways. If you have suggestions to improve the quality of the code, let me know or just create a pull request.


  • Further code cleanup.
  • Improve the semantics of action dispatch.
  • Allow regular expression extension specifications.


Use XCode 8.3 or later to build the project.

Open the project and select ProductArchive.