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Gawati XML Transformer - REST Service Wrapper on SAXON XSLT

to install a release:

  1. Go to ([]

  2. Download the release.

  3. rename gawati-xsl-transformer-1.0.x.war to gawati-xsl-transformer.war and put it in the Tomcat or Jetty webapps folder.

  4. Test the installation by accessing the url: http://localhost:<tomcat port>/gawati-xsl-transformer/xml/xslt/test

to build run:

mvn package

which will generate: gawati-xsl-transformer-1.0.x.war


convert /xml/xslt/convert

  • Expects HTTP Post
  • Form parameters submitted as application/x-www-form-urlencoded
  • The following form params are mandatory:
    • input_xslt - the XSLT file as a string, this file should be all inclusive, i.e. should not have any imports
    • input_file - the XML file to be transformed as a string
    • input_params - a string of input params for the XSL transformation, if required. Can be left blank if there are no params. The format is a tilda ~ separated param=value string. e.g. param1=value1~param2=value2 is sending 2 params named param1 and param2 with values value1 and value2.