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pyramid_fanstatic installation
To finalize your installation you'll need to follow those steps.
Add those line the ``app:main`` section of your development.ini::
fanstatic.bottom = true
fanstatic.debug = true
Add some requirements to your
requires = ['pyramid', 'pyramid_debugtoolbar',
# if you want to use lesscss
Also add those entry points to the same file::
# Fanstatic resource library
lesscss_example = lesscss_example.resources:library
# A console script to serve the application and monitor static resources
pserve-fanstatic = lesscss_example.resources:pserve
You also need to add pyramid_fanstatic tween to your applition. Add the
following to your file::
Run ``python develop`` to get the ``pserve-fanstatic`` script
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