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Oh My Vim!

This package allow you to manage your vim plugins

It's heavily inspired from oh-my-zsh


You must have python3.X installed on your system.

It's recommended to install oh-my-vim as a non root user.

If you don't know python and virtualenv then just run the install script:

$ curl | sh -

Or with wget:

$ wget --no-check-certificate -O- | sh -

If you know virtualenv/pip then run this in a virtualenv:

$ pip install oh-my-vim
$ bin/oh-my-vim upgrade

Have a look at your ~/.vimrc:

$ vim ~/.vimrc

And select your favorites profiles.


Browse all VimL projects available on github in your favorite browser:

$ oh-my-vim search [-t] [term]

Installation. You can use a git url or a requires.txt file/url wich contains git urls:

$ oh-my-vim install [--full] [giturl|requires.txt]

The --full options allow to install some extra dependencies. For example syntastic require flake8 and jslint. oh-my-vim will try to install them for you.

Remove a bundle:

$ oh-my-vim remove [bundle1|bundle2|...]

List installed packages:

$ oh-my-vim list

List all packages listed in Oh My Vim's registry:

$ oh-my-vim list -a

Generate a requires.txt file:

$ oh-my-vim list -u > requires.txt

Upgrade bundles (and oh-my-vim python package):

$ oh-my-vim upgrade [--full] [bundle1|bundle2|...]

Useful links


I'm a newbie. Can oh-my-vim turn me into a Vim guru ?

No, but it can help you to setup a friendly environment.

After the installation step install some useful plugins with the following:

$ oh-my-vim install -d useful

Then have a look at the defaults and map profiles and enable them in your .vimrc

You're now ready to go...!

What if I already use pathogen ?

Nothing. Just remove the pathogen stuff from your vimrc

Can I use oh-my-vim from Vim ?

Yes, and you should. You'll get some completion. Just use :OhMyVim <args>

Can I install a bundle from a mercurial repository ?

Yes. You just need to prefix your url with hg+:

$ oh-my-vim install hg+

Good project but I'm missing a feature. Can you add it ?

No. But you can. Fork the repository and submit a pull request.

I have a cool plugin and I want to add it to oh-my-vim-registry

Submit a pull request after adding it to the registry

Does oh-my-vim work on windows ?

No, it wont be so hard to port but I'm not supporting this OS

This is a great project. Can I offer you a beer ?



A python package to manage your vim themes/plugins




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