d('option[value=1]') fails #6

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gawel commented Nov 28, 2012

illume created an issue 2012-06-22

This works:

>>> d=pyquery.pyquery.PyQuery("<option value='1'>")
>>> d('option[value="1"]')

This doesn't work, but should (it works in jquery):

>>> d=pyquery.pyquery.PyQuery("<option value='1'>")
>>> d('option[value=1]')
... ERROR...
@diox diox referenced this issue in mozilla/zamboni Sep 13, 2013

Bump some requirements again (bug 846349) #1135

yodalee commented Aug 29, 2014

This problem is happened in cssselect, I think this is not pyquery's fault.

@yodalee yodalee referenced this issue in scrapy/cssselect Sep 1, 2014

cssselect didn't handle value in integer #44

yodalee commented Sep 1, 2014

As I reported to cssselect scrapy/cssselect#44, it said that this is an spec issue, maybe just close this as not a good way to use pyquery?

gawel commented Sep 1, 2014

+1. Maybe just add a comment about that in the doc. pseudo classes are not really tested/documented

yodalee commented Sep 1, 2014

Well, I'm not sure where the comment should be OAO


The comment could be something like: In attribute selectors, the value needs to be quoted if it is not a valid CSS identifier.

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