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Store a better zsh history and search via interactive grep
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Ariadne enables comprehensive CLI shell history logging, combined with interactive searching, using a modified version of Masafumi Oyamada's interactive grep tool: percol ( The CLI logging is modified from the following scripts:

With this you can:

  1. Reverse search through previous commands and the paths where they were run
  2. Extract either the path or command
  3. Filtering by current path
  4. Filter out duplicate commands
  5. Hide/show date, command, path fields in search output
  6. Stack previous commands and save to a script (

This makes it easy to copy and paste commands in a new project directory based on a similar older project. This is hopefully handy for those running scientific software in the unix world (and who derive little joy from memorizing the relevant incantations and arcana)



$ git clone
$ cd ariadne


$ ./ -z

Add the following to ~/.zshrc

source ~/.config/zsh/ariadne/ariadne.zsh


$ ./ -b

Add the following to ~/.bashrc

source $HOME/.config/bash/ariadne/


$ ./ -f

Add the contents of ./ to ~/.config/fish/

Key bindings

  • Ctrl+R : Invoke command history search

In ariadne:

  • F1,F2,F3 : Hide/show date, execution path and command, respectively
  • Enter,Ctrl+R : Extract command(s)
  • Ctrl+R : Extract path(s)
  • Ctrl+L : Filter by current directory
  • Alt+R : Filter out duplicate commands
  • Ctrl+SPC : Select entry (useful for extracting salient commands for future recipes?)
  • Ctrl+S : Push command to stack
  • Alt+S : Pop command from stack
  • Ctrl+T : Save stack (as 'rerun'sh') and exit


Configuration is specified in, currently under $HOME/.oh-my-zsh/custom/ariadne/

Default config:

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
push_stack = "C-s"
pop_stack = "M-s"
save_stack = "C-t"
filter_dups = "M-r"
return_dir = "C-d"
filter_bydir = "C-l"
hide_field_1 = "<f1>"
hide_field_2 = "<f2>"
hide_field_3 = "<f3>"

def pretty_key(key):
    tmp = key.replace('C-','^')
    tmp = tmp.replace('M-', u'')# need to find a better alternative for mono fonts
    tmp = tmp.replace('<', '')
    tmp = tmp.replace('>', '')
    return tmp

FIELD_SEP = ' <> ' #other possiblities: ' ◆ ', ' 🞛  ', ∷ᛞᛥ∯⌘ etc
percol.view.CANDIDATES_LINE_BASIC    = ("on_default", "default")
percol.view.CANDIDATES_LINE_SELECTED = ("underline", "on_blue", "white","bold")
percol.view.CANDIDATES_LINE_MARKED   = ("bold", "on_cyan", "black")
percol.view.CANDIDATES_LINE_QUERY    = ("green", "bold")
percol.view.STACKLINE = '==== Command Stack == push:%s == pop:%s == save as "":%s ===='\
percol.view.FOLDED = '..' # not sure how to get '…' working for mac
percol.view.RPROMPT = 'Path:%s Local:%s Unique:%s Show/Hide:%s,%s,%s'\
    %(  pretty_key(return_dir),

    "C-i"         : lambda percol: percol.switch_model(),
    # text
    "C-h"         : lambda percol: percol.command.delete_backward_char(),
    "<backspace>" : lambda percol: percol.command.delete_backward_char(),
    "C-w"         : lambda percol: percol.command.delete_backward_word(),
    "C-u"         : lambda percol: percol.command.clear_query(),
    "<dc>"        : lambda percol: percol.command.delete_forward_char(),
    # caret
    "<left>"      : lambda percol: percol.command.backward_char(),
    "<right>"     : lambda percol: percol.command.forward_char(),
    # line
    "<down>"      : lambda percol: percol.command.select_next(),
    "<up>"        : lambda percol: percol.command.select_previous(),
    # page
    "<npage>"     : lambda percol: percol.command.select_next_page(),
    "<ppage>"     : lambda percol: percol.command.select_previous_page(),
    # top / bottom
    "<home>"      : lambda percol: percol.command.select_top(),
    "<end>"       : lambda percol: percol.command.select_bottom(),
    # mark
    "C-SPC"       : lambda percol: percol.command.toggle_mark_and_next(),
    # finish
    "RET"         : lambda percol: percol.finish(), # Is RET never sent? #seems not, doesn't respond to finish_f either - gaw
    "C-m"         : lambda percol: percol.finish(),
    # "C-j"         : lambda percol: percol.finish(),
    # "C-c"         : lambda percol: percol.cancel(),

    hide_field_1 : lambda percol: percol.command.toggle_date(),
    hide_field_2 : lambda percol: percol.command.toggle_execdir(),
    hide_field_3 : lambda percol: percol.command.toggle_command(),
    filter_bydir : lambda percol: percol.command.cwd_filter(),
    return_dir : lambda percol: percol.finish(field=1),
    "C-r" : lambda percol: percol.finish(field=2),
    filter_dups : lambda percol: percol.command.toggle_recent(),
    push_stack : lambda percol: percol.command.fill_stack(),
    pop_stack : lambda percol: percol.command.pop_stack(),
    save_stack : lambda percol: percol.finish_and_save(),
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