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SBT plugin for Google Closure Templates
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SBT plugin for Google Closure Templates

This plugin is designed for using Google Closure Templates with SBT 0.12+


  1. Clone repo
  2. Cd into sbt-closure-templates directory
  3. sbt publish-local
  4. Add this plugin to your application as a dependency: "com.kinja.sbt" %% "sbt-closure-templates" % "0.1-SNAPSHOT"


Import the plugin

import com.kinja.sbt.closuretemplates.SbtSoy._

Add the settings:

resourceGenerators in Compile <+= SoyKeys.soyCompiler in Compile

The default dictionary file pattern is app/locale/{$locale}.xlf

How it works?

When plugin starts it recursively collect all files with .soy ending from your application's view directory - the default is app/view/closure - copy as resource and compile them to javascript. Also, it writes the copied .soy files paths into the /closure_templates.txt resource. So, you can use this file as a list of available templates. Which is useful because we cannot find files in a jar package. For example our play2-closure Play! plugin using that file, too.

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