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Clarify the README with regards to including Gon in classic applications

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@@ -14,12 +14,16 @@ For rails use [gon](
+**Note: For classic (non-modular) applications, you still have to explicitely register `Gon::Sinatra`**
``` ruby
-register Gon::Sinatra
+# For classic applications:
+Sinatra::register Gon::Sinatra
# and if you want to the use Rabl integration
-register Gon::Sinatra::Rabl
+Sinatra::register Gon::Sinatra::Rabl
-#or, in a classy app:
+# For modular applications:
class MySinatraApplication < Sinatra::Base #or Padrino::Application
register Gon::Sinatra

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