Rework as a well-behaving sinatra plugin #1

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skade commented Jan 11, 2012


I like the idea and the API of gon-sinatra, but I found the implementation as a Sinatra plugin a bit lacking, especially because it didn't work with some other Sinatra-based frameworks such as Padrino. This pull requests reworks huge parts while still keeping the API. It does:

  • Properly uses Sinatras #register/#helpers API to register as a Plugin
    • afterwards, it can easily be used in Padrino
  • Is threadsafe/race-condition-safe
  • Makes Rabl-Integration optional
  • Does not auto-register, as it is not unusual to host more then one Sinatra application in a process, of which not all want to use the plugin
  • Documents the whole stuff

Best Regards,

@gazay gazay merged commit 086dffc into gazay:master Jan 11, 2012
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