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Plugin for integrating into WooCommerce 3+
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=== GazChap's WooCommerce Postcode Lookup === Contributors: gazchap Tags: woocommerce,ecommerce,address lookup,postcode lookup,uk address lookup,united kingdom,great britain,england,scotland,wales Tested up to: 5.1 License: GNU General Public License v2.0 License URI: Stable tag: trunk Donate link:

Adds a postcode lookup tool into WooCommerce's billing and shipping address areas on the Checkout. The postcode lookup tool uses to do the lookups, and an API key is therefore required. See installation instructions below.

== Description == This plugin enables your customers to complete their billing/shipping address by entering their postcode and selecting their address from the options given.

It utilises ( to do the lookup using their Royal Mail Postcode Address File.

An API key is required for the integration to work, and the integration only appears when the customer has selected United Kingdom (or, more specifically, the ISO-3166-2 code "GB") for their country.

It can optionally be turned off for the shipping or billing addresses, and it can be configured to send an email notification to a nominated address if the API key hits its usage limit.

== Requirements ==

WordPress. Tested up to version 5.1. WooCommerce. Tested with versions up to 3.5.5, minimum version is likely 3.0.0. API Key. A number of pricing plans are available.

== Installation ==

Install via the WordPress Plugin Directory, or download a release from this repository and install as you would a normal WordPress plugin.

== Usage ==

Once installed and activated, you need to go to the WooCommerce -> Settings -> General page in the WordPress dashboard. You can enter your API key and set your other options here.

== Filter Reference ==

For developers, I've included a few filters that you can use to customise certain aspects of the plugin. These are:

= Error Messages =

All of these filters take one argument, $message, the error message that will be displayed to the user.

gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_api_error_400 - shown when the postcode supplied is invalid/empty gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_api_error_401 - shown when the API key provided in the settings is invalid gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_api_error_404 - shown when no addresses were found for the supplied postcode gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_api_error_429 - shown when the API key has hit its usage limit gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_api_error_500 - shown when there is a server error at

Note: By default, the error messages are "customer friendly", i.e. they don't go into much detail about the cause of the error!

= Styling =

gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_billing_selector_row_class - changes the CSS class on the form-row that the billing address selector is placed into gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_shipping_selector_row_class - changes the CSS class on the form-row that the shipping address selector is placed into gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_clear_additional_fields - defaults to true, set to '__return_false' to stop the "additional fields" area of the checkout having a clear style applied to it

= Over Usage Email Notification =

gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_overusage_email_recipient - change the recipient passed to wp_mail() gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_overusage_email_subject - change the subject line passed to wp_mail() for the over-usage email gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_overusage_email_message - change the message body passed to wp_mail() for the over-usage email

== Changelog == = 1.1 (25/02/2019) =

  • Added a caching mechanism to prevent repeated lookups for the same postcode in the same browser session, thus saving API usage

= 1.0 (24/02/2019) =

  • Initial release.

== License == Licensed under the GNU General Public License v2.0

== Screenshots ==

  1. The Find Address button on the default Storefront theme, before the lookup has been completed
  2. The address selection drop-down menu on display
  3. The administrator settings in the WooCommerce administration dashboard
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