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Explore Hong Kong's neighborhoods through visualizations of census data
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Hong Kong Gazetteer

Explore Hong Kong's neighborhoods through data


Data Preparation

Go to scripts dir and run python This script will download original xlsx files, extract cleaned data to JSON, generate translation mapping, and generate combined CSV files.

You can also generate translation files with this script by uncommenting a few lines, but this should not be necessary, as the files are included in the repo under /rontend/locale

All the data files are under backend/data dir.


  • Python
  • Flask

Make sure to install the necessary libraries by doing pip install -r requirements.txt. We recommend using a virtualenv.


  • soft link the backend/ dir to /srv/hk_census_explorer/backend.
  • uwsgi uwsgi.ini for production server.

The production server runs at port 8080 by default.

  • python for the DEBUG version.

The development server runs at port 8081 by default.

Dockerized Backend

You can run the backend as a Docker container. Simply do sudo docker build . in the project root, and it will build the container for you. You must still do the data preparation step first.


  • Node.js
  • Grunt
  • AngularJS
  • D3js
  • Leaflet
  • Google Map

cd into the frontend folder. Prepare environment:

  • [sudo] npm install -g grunt-cli
  • [sudo] npm install -g bower
  • npm install
  • bower install


  • grunt serve: Start the local http server at port 9000 in app. By default the host is to allow connections from outside the server.
  • grunt test: Run frontend tests.
  • grunt build: Execute the build process.
  • grunt serve:dist will run the build process and start the server within dist.
  • grunt deploy will build and deploy the site to GitHub pages.

By default, the API will hit our servers. If you want it to query from your local development server, you must change the endpoint in frontend/app/scripts/services/CensusAPI.js


If you have bug report, feature request or anything to discuss, create an issue in our project repo.

For code contributions, please fork, modify and send Pull Request.




  • Data preparation scripts dump the data into scripts/data, but the backend assumes the data will be in backend/data
  • Backend requires symlink of backend to /srv/hk_census_explorer/backend
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