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Eros Bot


  • Realtime Character/Weapon information pulls from Kamihime PROJECT EN Fandom
  • Kamihime Database (Harem Scenes)
    • Only Kamihime EN (Nutaku) version is available.
    • Uses REST API (JSON) from Kamihime Database
  • Tweets updates from @Kamihime_EN
    • Customise the Twitter Channel with ?set twitterchannel <channel>
  • Enjoy staying in your server by gaining a grand title and EXPs with Leveling System
    • See level command for more info
  • Customise your server settings
    • See set command for more info
  • Save memos or notes with Tag system
    • See tag command for more info
  • Basic bot commands
    • See help command for more info for each command
    • See guide command for an in-depth guide for each command
  • Server-wide Customisable Prefix
    • Default Prefix: ? or @Eros (Mention)
  • DM the bot directly for commands without the default prefix
    • e.g: info Eros -tw
  • More to come�


For more information, see Bot Guide or say @Eros guide 5 when using the bot.

  • Server Settings
    • Main: set, settings
  • General
    • Main: help, guide, invite
  • Kamihime
    • Main: nsfw, leaderboard, hareminfo, info, list, search
  • Kamihime - Countdown
    • Main: countdown
  • Tag
    • Main: tag, tags
  • Fun
    • Main: ask, insult, say, mock, owo, quiz
  • Leveling System
    • Main: level
  • Utility
    • Main: memberinfo, serverinfo, ping, stats
    • Bot Owner: eval


Add the bot instead? (24/7)

  • Create a Bot Account
  • Eros requires at least Node 12 for runtime and MariaDB 10.1 for data persistence
    • Clone this repository [via command shell] after installing the requirements above
      • $ git clone
      • $ cd eros-bot
    • Run $ yarn (Before this, make sure Yarn and Build Tools (Windows) | Build Tools (Linux) are installed)
    • src must also be built
      • $ yarn --production=false
      • $ yarn run compile
  • Create an auth.js file and obtain the template from auth.example.js. They are documented by // comments to help set up the file
  • Create a database. If the following defaults from auth.js (database and usename) were not changed, everything below can be copied and pasted without an issue— make sure to replace texts with []
    • Before doing the steps below, please make sure db's properties has been properly configured for security purposes
    • $ mysql -u root, assuming the MariaDB setup has no password on root. If it has password, append -p
    • Execute every line once inside MariaDB CLI:
CREATE DATABASE `eros` CHARACTER SET = 'utf8' COLLATE = 'utf8_unicode_ci';
CREATE USER `eros`@`localhost` IDENTIFIED BY '[password in auth.js]';
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON `eros`.* TO `eros`@`localhost`;
  • Run the bot!
    • Node: node .
    • Process Managers
      • Nodemon: $ yarn run dev:start
      • PM2: $ yarn run pm2




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