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loguetools manipulates Korg 'logue'-series synthesizer patch libraries (what Korg calls program collections).

It perform a few tasks:

  • Translation of patches from the (original) minilogue to the minilogue xd. See the wiki for a description and limitations.
    (For minilogue xd)
  • Bulk extraction of all patches in collections to separate patch files.
    (For minilogue, minilogue xd, prologue, monologue, and KingKORG)
  • Readable display of patch contents.
    (For minilogue and minilogue xd)

There are two versions:

  1. A gui-based version [Windows, MacOS, and Linux (untested on Linux)]
  2. A set of commandline tools written in Python (3.7 or later)


To download the latest version, head to Releases
For usage instructions, see the wiki


Code released under the 3-clause BSD license.
Application icon "tools by i cons from the Noun Project"


Oleg Burdaev

  • preset bank format
  • collapse tool
  • monologue and prologue support

Genevieve Buckley

  • CI/CD
  • Linux build