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Hibernate Search
Version: 3.3.0.Final, 15.12.2010
Full text search engines like Apache Lucene(tm) are a very powerful technology to
bring free text/efficient queries to applications. It suffers several mismatches
when dealing with a object domain model (keeping the index up to date, mismatch
between the index structure and the domain model, ...)
Hibernate Search indexes your domain model thanks to a few annotations, takes
care of the index synchronization, brings you back managed objects from free text
Hibernate Search is using Apache Lucene(tm) under the cover.
This version of Hibernate Search requires Hibernate Core 3.6 and above.
Unzip to installation directory and read the documentation available in dist/docs/reference
Latest Documentation:
Bug Reports:
Hibernate JIRA (preferred):
Free Technical Support: (
If you want to contribute, read
This software and its documentation are distributed under the terms of the
FSF Lesser Gnu Public License (see lgpl.txt).