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Feb 29, 2012
Phil Sturgeon Allow admins to see profiler, not just localally. 2cfbf9f
Apr 23, 2012
Phil Sturgeon Changed release version. cdadad0
Apr 25, 2012
snorkis Fix tenary logic cb0937d
Apr 26, 2012
Adam Fairholm Fix for wrong format for is_locked field. fc980ce
Phil Sturgeon Merge pull request #1366 from snorkis/fix_tenary_logic_streams_fields
Fix tenary logic in stream fields.
Phil Sturgeon Updated phpdoc. 41f8c5f
Apr 27, 2012
Jerel Unruh Changed the data returned by the Files library when uploading c9765dc
Jerel Unruh Merge branch '2.1/develop' of into 2.1/de…
Jerel Unruh Merge branch '2.1/hotfix' of into 2.1/dev…
goGula Krishnan added save_exit option for permissions 78932a3
Jerel Unruh Turned off xss for widgets so that their data (such as the contents i…
…n the html widget) don't get stripped.
Apr 30, 2012
Phil Sturgeon Merge pull request #1373 from rgogulakrishnan/2.1/develop
Added save_exit option for permissions.
Ryun Shofner added the ability to pass options to nestedSortable with pyro.sort_tree
optimized pyro.sort_tree selectors and refresh_tree function, no more setTimeout needed
May 01, 2012
Phil Sturgeon Merge pull request #1383 from ryun/updates-js-sort_tree
Updates js sort tree from 1.2.2 to 1.4.
Phil Sturgeon Saved new docs location. 8dfc743
Phil Sturgeon Switched Keywords in blog to an array.
No more Keywords::get_links() as it was stupid, now just using Keywords::get() and a loop.
Phil Sturgeon Added blog:categories plugin method. e13b4dc
Phil Sturgeon Merge branch '2.2/develop' of into 2.2/dev…
Phil Sturgeon Updated phpDoc for 2.2-dev. 4b3e85e
Phil Sturgeon Updated API schema. 628d8cc
Phil Sturgeon Merge branch '2.1/develop' of into 2.1/dev…
Phil Sturgeon Merge branch '2.1/develop' into 2.2/develop a155a14
Phil Sturgeon Moved duplicate migration 91. 138f6b2
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