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This demonstrates how to use the Ethereum Whisper (v5) API
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This demonstrates how to use the Ethereum Whisper v6 API. It will also work with v5, but not between versions.

Running the example

The example assumes that there is a running Whisper v6 node exposing an RPC interface at URL http://localhost:8545. For this, you can use geth with the folloing parameters:

$ geth <usual p2p flags> --shh --rpc --rpccorsdomain '*'

--shh is the option that enables Whisper for the node.

--rpc enables the HTTP RPC interface and --rplccorsdomain '*' will disable this annoying CORS verification in the browser. Needless to say, this is only acceptable because this is an example.

Then, clone this repository and download the dependencies:

$ npm install

Finally, start the example with:

$ npm run dev

The example should be started and the application will be available at http://localhost:8080.

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