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Minimalist ultrasound levitator
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Minimalist ultrasound levitator

This code is a simplification of the minilev.ino Asier Marzo version (

This algorithm is optimized to use only a pair of ultrasonic transducers facing each other and an Arduino Nano, using software interruptions of an 80 kHz timer, and toggling the state of the pins.

If using HC-SR04 sensor transducers, be sure to use the emission transducers with a T marked on the back.

             A0  A1 
           | +   - |
1.5 cm    |    *    Node 1          
          |    *    Node 2
          | _______ 
           | +   - |
             |   | 
            A2   A3
            Connect one transducer to A0 and A1; and another transducer to A2 and A3.

Put the transducers opposite to each other to levitate a particle between them, it is easier to place the particle with a metallic grid.

You can use 3D-printed case designed by IB-as

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