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Rails 5 + Webpack + Vue.js + Vuex Demo App
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Rails + Webpack + Vue.js + Vuex Demo App


Demo Single Page Application based on Ruby on Rails 5.2, using Vue.js + Vuex, compiled with Webpack. All the basic features you need to build a real world app with:

  • Front / Admin namespaces
  • I18n (server side + client side)
  • Forms (with progress and error handling)
  • Authentication (Devise)
  • Pagination (Kaminari)
  • Dynamic search filters (Ransack)
  • Websockets chat (ActionCable)

All of this is designed with maintainability and readability in mind, slightly inspired by the Rails conventions.

You can read more about the how and why I built this App here:


git clone
cd rails-vue-demo-app
bundle install
yarn install
bundle exec rails db:migrate
bundle exec rails db:seed

Booting the app

foreman start

Running tests

Rails side

rails test

JS side

yarn test


PR and feedbacks welcome!



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