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A curated list of Game Boy Advance development resources
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Awesome Game Boy Advance development

A curated list of development resources for Game Boy Advance.

Work in progress notice

This list is still in early development. Please contribute adding resources or providing feedback through Pull Requests, Issues or joining us on Discord.

Table of Content

Links marked with WIP are Work In Progress and still in development - don't expect complete resources.



  • #gba on gbdev Discord Server - Perhaps the only truely active GBA community today.
  • GBADEV - Tons and tons of info on GBA development: homebrew, tools, documentation.. Clearly laid out.
  • GBATEMP - The site carries the GBA name, but now the console is relegated to the backbenches.




Software Development



  • rust-console - GBA programming in Rust, plus tutorial.
  • natu - GBA programming in Nim (loosely based on Tonc tutorial)
  • gba-modern - Write GBA games using modern C++.
  • ZigGBA - WIP SDK for creating GBA games using Zig (Inspired by Tonc).


  • gba++ - Modern C++ library for GBA.
  • Maxmod - Mixes music and sound effects for your games.
  • posprintf - An sprintf routine written in Thumb assembler.
  • GBFS - practical filesystem


  • mGBA - Actively developed GBA emulator. Runs on a bunch of platforms. Text debugger through GDB stub.
  • No$gba - Venerable GBA emulator. Windows only, but runs well under Wine. Not very actively maintained but still gets updates now and then. Sports graphical debugger.
  • MiSTer FPGA implementation - Needs MiSTer setup to run.

Emulator Development




  • gba_bios - WIP disassembly of the Game Boy Advance BIOS

Dumping the GBA BIOS

Reverse engineering

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