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(or Yet Another Scala Units Library)

scunits is an experimental, extensible library for type-checking dimensional quantities and handling units of measure in scala. Exponents of base quantities (mass, time, etc.) are stored at the type-level in recursive list structures similar to shapeless's hlists, but without any run-time instances. All measurements are stored as Doubles of their appropriate SI unit and only converted to a specific unit when needed.


  • Type safe comparisons, arithmetic and more.
  • All measurements (Scalar) are Value Classes wrapping Doubles. Performance is identical to Doubles once the JIT is warm.
  • New base quantities may be added.
  • Dimensions (Dims), units (UnitM) and measurements (Scalar) may be composed by multiplication and division
  • All SI prefixes (kilo, centi, etc.)
  • Array wrappers (ArrayM) for unboxed arrays
  • < 200k jar file size (for now...)
  • No dependencies
  • Reasonable compilation times:

Using scunits


Getting scunits

scunits is not curretly in a maven repository. You'll have to git clone, run sbt publish-local, then add "org.scunits" %% "core" % "0.0.2-SNAPSHOT" to your project dependencies.

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