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Gregory Mark Benedict

I am a software architect, web designer and technical project lead with over twenty years of experience designing and developing web based applications. My primary areas of business expertise include healthcare, online video, advertising, e-commerce, and business workflow applications. I also have extensive experience tuning databases and applications for maximum performance.

As the co-owner of a small consulting firm, I have been responsible for sales, day-to-day client interaction, employee oversight, developing technical solutions for projects, and the management of a wide range of projects. I am equally comfortable working with executives through development teams, and can explain technical concepts to non-technical people in simple terms.

Strong areas of technical expertise include the following:

  • Ruby on Rails architecture, development and project management
  • C# architecture, development and project management
  • .Net MVC (5, 6, core), Entity Framework, Entity Spaces
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services) architect in both the C# and Ruby space with specific experience in API Gateway, Elastic Load Balancer, S3, CloudFront, EC2, Elastic Container Service (Docker), VPC, Lambda, RDS, CloudWatch, Route 53, Elastic Transcoder
  • Microservice architecture and implementation
  • Public and private API design and implementation
  • Web application and database performance tuning
  • Email deliverability – marketing and transactional
  • Internet Video – large scale live streaming, on-demand playback, transcoding, YouTube APIs
  • User Experience and interaction design
  • E-Commerce
  • DBA for SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, Amazon Aurora
  • Heroku web application hosting platform management
  • Memcached, Redis, RabbitMQ, MSMQ, Apache SOLR
  • HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CoffeeScript, CSS, SASS
  • Responsive web design and grid systems
  • LAMP open source stack
  • Git, GitHub, SVN
  • Windows Server (NT/2000/2003/2008/2012) administration
  • CentOS (4/5/6/7) Linux administration
  • Apache, Nginx and Microsoft IIS web server administration
  • Varnish and HA Proxy administration

Languages Ruby, C# (including MVC and EF), VB.NET, ASP, ASP.NET, VB 6, XML/XSD, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Python, ColdFusion/CFMX

Software Ruby on Rails (1/2/3/4/5), Visual Studio.NET, Visual Studio Code, Eclipse, Sublime Text, TextMate, Atom, Notepad++, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft IIS, Microsoft Project, SSMS, Git, SVN, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom

Databases SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, Access, Mongo


Purdue University – B.S. in Industrial Management with a minor in Management Information Systems

Work Experience

TGFI, Inc. from 2002-Present

Vice President and Co-Owner

Internal Responsibilities

  • Meet with customers to outline custom solutions and provide statements of work with pricing. Projects range in size from $5,000 to $1,000,000+.
  • Manage the implementation of projects with small teams.
  • Design the implementation of custom solutions from an architecture and technical perspective.
  • Manage all company networks – office, AWS, web hosting, email, DNS, VOIP, etc.

Solutions/Cloud Architect – Video Publishing and Advertising

Architect and lead developer of a custom video workflow platform using Microsoft technologies (C#, dotnet core, SQL Server). The system tracked and automated the various stages of 10,000+ videos produced each month.

  • Co-designed and implemented the transition from a monolithic application to microservice architecture with over 40 different pieces.
  • Implemented front-end interfaces in MVC and AngularJS.
  • Worked with a team to plan and implement moving from a self-hosted solution in a data center to AWS services in a hard window of 4 months.
  • Designed and implemented solutions around AWS services – API Gateway, Elastic Load Balancer, S3, CloudFront, EC2, Elastic Container Service (Docker), VPC, Lambda, RDS, CloudWatch, Elastic Transcoder
  • Responsible for designing and implementing public and private APIs for a C#/dotnet core microservice web architecture. This included systems for ordering, email automation, video production workflow, photo production workflow and customer reporting APIs.

Solutions/Cloud Architect – Sales Automation

Lead both design and development teams of a worldwide, multi-tier Ruby on Rails SAAS application for large sales teams over 4+ years.

  • Architected and lead a team to upgrade the Ruby on Rails application from 2.X to 5.X incrementally
  • Designed and implemented the APIs and data interaction with a third party mobile developer for iOS and Android apps. This includes data syncing, event logging and email tracking for thousands of devices per customer.
  • Architected and lead implementation teams for an S3 backed content management system allowing customers to import and sync tens of thousands of files.
  • Architected and lead implementation teams for automated interaction with Dropbox, Box and various third-party content management systems.
  • Responsible for the system performance of data imports and exports for customers with 100,000+ products. This included a 20X decrease in import time for large catalogs.
  • Designed and implemented an asynchronous reporting system for customers and internal staff. There are over 20 unique reports in web, CSV and Excel formats.
  • Designed and implemented public and private APIs for interacting with catalog data.
  • Designed and implemented a dynamic form system that allowed customers to capture information offline (using mobile devices) and sync the information and associated files back to the SAAS application.
  • Responsible for maintaining the hosting ecosystems, based on Heroku and AWS, of all shared and private instances.

Project Manager, Solutions Architect – Collegiate Athletics

Lead both design and development teams of Ruby on Rails powered websites for multiple collegiate athletic conferences.

  • Architected and implemented a custom CMS solution and video delivery network.
  • Scaled the system to handle sustained traffic of 20,000+ concurrent users watching live video during key games and championships.
  • Designed and implemented automated systems to import and transcode video for on-demand playback and live streaming of games.
  • Lead a team to design and develop iOS and Android applications that allowed users to watch live and archival video.
  • Architected and lead a team that implemented a bracket challenge around men’s and women’s basketball tournaments. Users could register, then make picks of how the games would play out. Once games were completed and scores were entered, the system would automate calculation of points and the leader boards. This included notification to the users by text and email.
  • Designed and implemented an ad management system.

Project Manager, Solutions Architect – E-commerce

Lead a team of designers and developers to create a customized Ruby on Rails e-commerce web site for a global artist supply company.

  • Designed and implemented the scripts to transform the information and files associated with 4000+ products and imported them into the system.
  • Designed and implemented the interaction with third party services – Authorize.Net (payments), UPS, FedEx and TaxCloud.
  • Architected and lead a team to implement a custom solution allowing competing distributors to fulfill orders.

Solution Architect, Web Designer – Automotive

Designed and developed a Ruby on Rails based vendor management system for a worldwide group of automotive part suppliers.

  • Designed and implemented a workflow system to add, edit and request information from vendors. The system included 4 to 5 levels of approval powered by a matrix of managers, dependent upon vendor type, region, country, state/province and estimated budget.
  • Created scripts to import and export data on 1000+ vendors to and from 8 different systems.
  • Designed and implemented an on-demand email notification system to contact dynamic groups of vendors.
  • Designed and developed a C# desktop application for the corporate legal team to download and store all approved documents on an in-house system.
  • Created scheduled tasks that emailed vendors meeting specific criteria to request updated information.
  • Created the visual design for the application, then implemented a responsive web site that worked on multiple browsers and platforms.

Project Manager, Solutions Architect – Healthcare

Architect and lead developer of a custom C# web portal for primary care physicians and their staff. The system was designed to raise alerts about 33 different risk factors and missing information on over 6 million patients in the state of Indiana. Office staff could then work through the alerts by scheduling appointments and entering the missing information.

  • Lead a design team to create a responsive web site that worked on multiple browsers and platforms.
  • Developed a security model to prevent users from seeing patient data they had no right to see.
  • Worked with third-party vendors and the QA team to ensure application security and HIPPA compliance.
  • Designed and developed the APIs required for the AJAX driven application.
  • Worked with the data team and several third parties to implement validation systems for the entered information.
  • Worked with the data team to massage the structure of the data for optimal retrieval performance.
  • Monitored calls to the SQL Server database and made numerous recommendations to improve system performance (indexes, views, etc.).
  • Designed and implemented a custom single sign on (SSO) with multiple large hospital systems.

Project Manager, Solutions Architect – Healthcare

Architect, designer and lead developer of a custom C# web portal for a wellness company that places doctors and nurses on-site at customer companies.

  • Brought in to rescue a project that was not going successfully and worked with the client for several years until they could transition to an internal team.
  • Lead a design team to implement a responsive redesign of the portal.
  • Designed and implemented a new security model for staff, patients and patient dependents.
  • Designed and developed a secure messaging solution between patients and staff.
  • Designed and implemented a biometric data entry and reporting system for patients with validation and auditing.
  • Designed and implemented several incentive management systems for customer companies. This included a reporting system for those companies to know when an employee should receive their incentives.
  • Created integrations with several third-party EMR and RX vendors to share data.
  • Designed and implemented custom single sign on (SSO) and SAML solutions with third-parties.

Project Manager, Solutions Architect – Sports Team Management

Lead both design and development teams to create a custom Ruby on Rails SAAS application that allows coaching staffs to manage team development over the course of a season. Athletes and their families had access to view their team information, schedules and a private messaging system.

  • Lead a design team to create a responsive web site that worked on multiple browsers and platforms.
  • Designed and lead a team of developers to implement a custom scheduling system with repeating events. Changes could be staged for internal feedback with team coaches, then applied to a live calendar.
  • Designed and implemented an automated notification and reminder system for events, practices, meets and tournaments.
  • Developed a reporting system for coaches to view detailed and summary information across one or more practices by athlete.
  • Designed and implemented a private messaging system between players, parents and coaches.
  • Designed and implemented a subscription management and credit card billing system using Authorize.Net.

Project Manager, Solutions Architect – Dental Industry

Lead both design and development teams of a Ruby on Rails application that allowed patients to find new dentists and rate existing ones.

  • Lead a design team to create a responsive web site that worked on multiple browsers and platforms. The display of each dentist office was customized using a variety of templates, information driven features, images and custom color schemes.
  • Designed and implemented SEO and SEM strategies that pushed the site above most dental offices is Google, Bing and Yahoo rankings.
  • Designed and implemented a background process to sync the latest information on dentists on an hourly basis.
  • Implemented a search engine backed by Apache SOLR.

Solutions Architect – Advertising and Telecommunications

Worked with a team of developers to implement a custom C# web application providing online advertising services for the newspaper, yellow page, white page and online property rental industries.

  • Worked with a team to implement an ad management system. This included custom tracking of phone calls to see customer engagement per advertisement.
  • Designed and implemented reporting for the ad management system.

Project Manager, Solutions Architect – Electronic Coupons

Migrated an online coupon provider website from PHP to Ruby on Rails, while making as few changes to the data structure as possible.

  • Lead a design team to create a responsive web site that worked on multiple browsers and platforms.
  • Designed and implemented a tracking system for coupons, including views, clicks and prints.
  • Designed and implemented secure areas for coupon providers and partners to manage their information.
  • Designed and implemented a partner portal system for Realtors and other businesses who wanted to provide hand-picked local coupons to their customers.
  • Designed and Implemented a search solution powered by Apache SOLR.
  • Implemented a caching system to hit performance targets.
  • Integrated the system with third-party email providers.

Project Manager, Solutions Architect – Online Flooring Sales

Lead both design and development teams of a custom Ruby on Rails e-commerce application.

  • Lead a design team to create a responsive web site that worked on multiple browsers and platforms.
  • Created scripts to import specifications and images on thousands of products.
  • Orchestrated the capturing of hundreds of product shots.
  • Created and implemented SEO and SEM strategies to increase sales.
  • Created integrations with FedEx, UPS and multiple LTL (freight) shipping providers.
  • Designed and developed an application to gather pricing data from competitor websites and make recommendations to staff to adjust pricing.

Project Manager, Solutions Architect – Online Training

Lead a team to design and develop a Ruby on Rails SAAS portal where families could register for online training, live classes and seminars around college entrance examinations.

  • Brought in to rescue a failed-to-launch project and have continued to work with the client through several major updates.
  • Lead a team of designers to implement a brand new, fully responsive web design that worked on multiple browsers and devices.
  • Designed and implemented a course registration system.
  • Customized an open-source Ruby on Rails e-commerce system to support registration and purchase of training and seminars.
  • Designed and implemented an integration with MailChimp, a third-party email management system.
  • Redesigned and implemented a secure, online video training system for use on desktops or mobile devices powered by AWS.

Additional Information

I have worked on hundreds of projects. I'll be glad to provide more detail on these or additional projects (as allowed by agreements).

ExactTarget (now Salesforce Marketing Cloud)
 from 2004-2005

Sr. Developer and Technical Sales Lead

Designed and developed an asynchronous reporting API for large clients (1M+ subscribers) to download zipped XML files of tracking data.

Worked with other developers and DBAs to debug and improve system performance of the largest transactional SQL Server database in the world.

Responsible for assisting inside and outside sales teams in answering technical questions. Provided solution architecture, custom development and support services to clients interfacing with public APIs.

Designed and implemented a portal for developers who worked with the customer’s public APIs. Developers could sign-up, with approval, to access help documentation and code samples.

  • Gathered and organized information, then wrote help documentation on all customer facing APIs.
  • Developed sample applications for working with all public APIs in C#, VB.Net, Java, PHP and Ruby.

Question Information Systems from 2003-2004

Software Engineer and DBA

Responsible for the database design, application data layer design, and data migration of a membership system for a group of YMCA’s in Tennessee. The existing system ran on top of FoxPro and was migrated to a new, custom built C# web application running against SQL Server 2000. 

WebFX Studios dba Saphéo from 2000-2003

Sr. Developer and Web Designer

Responsible for designing, architecting and implementing websites and applications in ASP, ASP.Net, C#, VB.Net and PHP.


Indiana Mustangs 10U/12U travel softball manager, Zionsville Little League 8U/10U rec, all-star and travel softball manager, Zionsville Little League 7U/8U/9U/10U/11U baseball manager, Brownsburg Little League 5U/6U baseball manager, IndyRB (Ruby User Group), Acacia International Fraternity, Purdue Alumni Association


You can contact me on twitter as @gbenedict or via You can reach me at gbenedict [at] gmail [dot] com.






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