Brackets syntax highlighter for Dockerfiles
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Dockerfile Syntax Highlighter

Brackets syntax highlighter for Dockerfiles.

Includes highlighting of nested shell scripts on the RUN and CMD directives.

Uses Jacob Lexical Tokenizer under the hood.


Highlighting FROM and MAINTAINER:


Syntax highlighting embedded Shell (applies to RUN and CMD directives):

RUN Shell Screenshot

Highlighting EXPOSEd ports:

RUN Shell Screenshot



If you want to further develop this extension, feel free to fork it on GitHub.

You will need the jacob Lexical Tokenizer installed:

$ npm install jacob

To generate the lexer, run:

$ node node_modules/.bin/jacob -t Dockerfile.jacoblex -l dockerlex.js

or just run:

$ ./

which generates the lexer and zip's up the extension for release.

Also, there is a blog on how this extension was written at reapingzombies4funandprofit.