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Docker image for the GBIF IPT
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Docker IPT

A Docker image for the GBIF IPT running in Tomcat 8.5 with JRE8 on minimal Alpine Linux. Tomcat is exposed on port 8080 and the IPT runs as the ROOT application.

We regulary publish IPT releases as Docker images to Docker Hub:

To run the Docker image

To run a new Docker container, startup Tomcat and expose the Tomcat port run like this:

docker run --detach --volume /full/path/to/data-directory:/srv/ipt --publish 8080:8080 gbif/ipt

You can then access the setup screen of the IPT on port 8080.

If you need to override the data directory, this can be done with -e IPT_DATA_DIR=/path/within/container.

If you need to find the IP address of your "default" Docker machine use docker-machine ip default.

Remember to back up your data directory.


Note that, for better consistency with the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard, from version 2.4.0 the IPT's default data directory is /srv/ipt, not /usr/local/ipt. This can be overridden, see above.

To build and deploy the Docker image

docker build --build-arg ipt_version=2.4.0 -t gbif/ipt:2.4.0 .
docker push gbif/ipt:2.4.0
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