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NPT Startup Release Candidate

@burkeker burkeker released this Nov 29, 2013 · 5986 commits to gbif-npt-startup since this release

This release is the deliverable D8.3 of the ViBRANT project.

This version contains the upgrade to the Scratchpads and the latest fixes on the branch called content translate.

This version of NPT Startup is ready to retrieve translated interface strings that has been made available through

A feature, suggested by GBIF Participants during the NPT Startup review, that provides the country mask while browsing occurrence tiles, has been implemented. See NPTS-1.

The following issues have been addressed in this version:
NPTS-43 Extra "save configuration" button on system configuration pages;
NPTS-11 Ability to customizing ‘how to publish to GBIF’ page to conditions relevant to the particular GBIF Participant Node
NPTS-36 Supporting portal Drupal by only emitting array for function all.

NPT Startup pre-release beta

@burkeker burkeker released this Oct 4, 2013 · 6853 commits to gbif-npt-startup since this release

This version contains the upgrade to the Scratchpads 2.1.10. NPTS-32 and NPTS-34 are fixed.

The versioning of the GBIP API has been reflected on the npt_constant module.

The issue of importing checklist is also fixed (NPTS-37).

NPT Startup pre-release alpha

@burkeker burkeker released this Sep 24, 2013 · 8725 commits to gbif-npt-startup since this release

This version of NPT Startup is based on the version reviewed by GBIF Participants, plus some refinements above the surface:

  1. Added 'banner' feature to allow additional home page identity as suggested by reviewers (NPTS-20, NPTS-8, documentation);
  2. Allowed non-GBIF, non-country participants to use NPT Startup by cancelling mandatory settings (NPTS-23) and storing information locally for future hooking with the GBIF Registry;
  3. Improved communication with system administrators during the installation, and Improved overall administrative usability with new admin theme and assisting modules (NPTS-27);
  4. Minor changes of terms suggested by reviewers (NPTS-12);

And some refinements under the surface:

  1. Adopting the new GBIF API (NPTS-2), information shown on the Facts page is brought in dynamically by javascripts;
  2. Better and faster handling of GBIF data uses cases for a country from the GBIF Public Library from Mendeley (NPTS-4, NPT-25);
  3. Refactored modules for better code maintenance (NPTS-3), Drupal coding conventions and minor bug fixes (NPTS-7, NPTS-28, #2, #3, #5, #6);

GBIFS is continuing improving this tool according to the Secretariat response to the review of NPT Startup. The progress of improvements can be watched at NPT Startup on GBIF Jira.

Please checkout the documentation wiki, honour necessary settings and ensure a smooth installation.

Finally, please flood us with issues!