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GBIF Occurrence

The GBIF Occurrence project is a component of the architecture responsible for search and download of GBIF-mediated occurrence records. For data processing please see the pipelines project.

This project handles occurrence web services, downloads, search and maps.

This project has many submodules and each of those has a README which you should read for more detail.


Jenkins builds this project without a profile, and the produced artifacts (JARs) are used together with the corresponding configuration found in the gbif-configuration project.

This project contains integration tests which use the GBIF dev environment and requires configuration of the appkeys providing the tokens to interact with the services and to be on a GBIF network.

To skip the integration tests (e.g. working without access to the GBIF dev network) please build using:

e.g. mvn -Pdev -pl \!occurrence-integration-tests clean install


  • All changes must go to the dev branch for testing before merging to master.
  • PR are preferred for complex functionality. Please target the dev branch.
  • Simple changes can be committed without review.


Run unit and integration tests:

mvn -Pdev clean verify

Other documentation in this project