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GBIF Registry

The GBIF Registry is a core component of the architecture responsible for providing the authoritative source of information on GBIF participants (Nodes), institutions (e.g. data publishers), datasets, networks their interrelationships and the means to identify and access them.

As a distributed network, the registry serves a central coordination mechanism, used for example to allow publishers to declare their existence and for data integrating components to discover how to access published datasets and interoperate with the publisher.


  • All changes must go to the dev branch for testing before merging to master.
  • PR are preferred for complex functionality. Please target the dev branch.
  • Simple changes can be committed without review.

Code style

The registry uses github action with google code format (code formatting) and spotless-maven-plugin (import order, license header). Please check motherpom project for some important configuration.

Project files

Code style related files. Please make sure you properly configure required IDE settings:

  • gbif.importorder overrides default google package import order (for spotless-maven-plugin).
  • gbif-lecense-header provides default license header (for spotless-maven-plugin).
  • google-style.xml java google code style, should be imported to IDE as a default one: Preferences --> Editor --> Code Style --> Import scheme (gear next to 'Scheme' dropdown) --> Intellij IDEA code style XML.
  • .editorconfig formatting properties which overrides some inconvenient google ones (e.g. static imports at the beginning of imports list). Make sure editorconfig file is enabled in IDE: Preferences --> Editor --> Code Style --> General --> Enable EditorConfig support.

Manual use of Spotless

Check the project follows code style conventions:

mvn spotless:check

Fix code style violations:

mvn spotless:apply

For more information see documentation.


Project modules: