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Setup with CampFire

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As of [1.6.1] you need to independently install pyfire dependency before using this backend:

0. pip install pyfire

1. Create a user for your bot

2. Adapt your config with at least those parameters :

    'subdomain': 'companysub',
    'username' : 'errbot',
    'password' : '******'

Don't forget to update the list of people allowed to administer the Bot, it uses the full name as ID for now :

BOT_ADMINS = ('Guillaume Binet',)

Where companysub is the first part of the access URL you use like

3. Start Err with the -C parameter (campfire backend)

Note: There are few limitation with CampFire,

  • it doesn't support HTML, so all your HTML templates will be converted to pure text.
  • it doesn't seem to support one 2 one messages so Administration is enabled from rooms with a weak security of name matching.
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