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Setup with Hipchat

Runzhou Li (Leo) edited this page · 2 revisions

Hipchat works with the standard jabber backend but you can use the new dedicated backend so Err can post HTML messages directly to its API.

1. On the hipchat site, create a user for the bot and create an admin API token from Group Admin / API.

2. Add the l/p and token to your config

     'username' : '',
     'password' : '********',
     'token' : 'b22252a7a6264b19027a47f6c99aa1'

Don't forget to update the list of people allowed to administer the Bot, still hipchat-user-style:

BOT_ADMINS = ('',)

3. Start Err with the -H parameter (hipchat backend)

Note: HTML support is somewhat limited compared to standard xhtml-im so some commands might break

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