Ruby port of the classic BASIC game "The Wizard's Castle"
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Gem Version

A Ruby port of the classic BASIC game "Wizard's Castle".

To install, just gem install wizards-castle. It should work fine in any 2.x Ruby, and has no dependencies on external gems. It installs the wizards-castle script.

To play, just run wizards-castle. Use --manual to see the manual, or --help to see more options.

For more info, some historical documents, and the original BASIC source, see the docs directory.


If you see a crash, please:

  • copy the most recent 100+ lines of your game
  • note the version you are running

then report those via

Note: Please do not report in-game grammar errors. This is a faithful port of the original game, and the grammar errors are (probably) authentically preserved.


I'm not really looking for outside contributons or enhancements right now, but here's notes about hacking on it.

Running the latest version off of this Git repo

git-clone the repo and run with

ruby -Ilib ./bin/wizards-castle

As mentioned above, any Ruby 2.x version should work. For this project, I'm generally using the latest stable 2.x build.

Tests and Code-checking

I'm using bundler to manage the test gems.

gem install bundler
bundle install

To run tests and checks:

bundle exec rspec
bundle exec rubocop